Monday, 28 May 2012

Is The Voice Rigged?

Channel Nine's new hit show, The Voice, has been questioned vigourously by the public as to whether it could be rigged. A shocking exit by Peta Jeffress after a battle round with Viktoria Bolonina brought dispute to the show due to the obvious superiority of Peta. Although it appeared to be Delta Goodrem's decision as to who won the battle round, one can not help but question if there is a bias towards some individuals.

Another factor which supports the 'rigged theory' is the advertising strategy by Channel Nine. There are currently sixteen performers still running in the competition, however, only five or six are shown on television ads. By supporting these few artists via advertising, they increase their public vote while the other less attractive participants are only televised when they actually sing.

A slightly less cynical but more specific view of The Voice notices the fact that the judges' teams fill up evenly through the auditions, despite the giant chasm in talent and worldwide celebrity between the likes of Seal and Joel Madden compared to Delta Goodrem. This begs the question of whether the auditions for the show are taken place in a different context than what appears on television, and the show is just an act...

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